Billund Airport

How can we maintain our safety standards?

Billund Airport – Aviation – 2014

  • Billund Airport

    Top quality security

    West Denmark's International Airport, Billund Airport, wanted to ensure that security at the airport is of excellent quality and that all their employees are taking responsibility for airport safety - regarding the airport’s own rules, and also Danish and international legislation.

  • Billund Airport

    Security awareness

    In cooperation with Billund Airport, MOCH created the course “Security Awareness” to train employees in airport security. Through real-life examples, videos, graphics and quizzes, the participants are trained in safety procedures and precautionary measures, and which risks and danger signals they need to be aware of.

  • Billund Airport

    A safer place

    The course ensures that they all employees can play a part in making Billund Airport a safer place to be - for passengers as well as colleagues. It has yielded a positive, upward spiral both in terms of performance and customer satisfaction.