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Always a better learning experience
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BUPL, the Danish Union of Early Childhood and Youth Educators, who organise 83 % of all pedagogues in Denmark, helps the unemployed to find a job.


Coloplast wanted to bring more innovation to their internal processes to improve their business and products.

CUSTOMER: Coloplast

Every year, more than 50,000 Danes gets a heart disease.

CUSTOMER: Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

In cooperation with Billund Airport, MOCH created the courses “Security Awareness” to train employees in airport security.

CUSTOMER: Billund Airport

MOCH has designed an e-learning solution for Danish Red Cross that provides their volunteers with substantial basic training.

CUSTOMER: Danish Red Cross

Today, Ørsted welcomes both new and experienced employees to the workplace with a course developed in collaboration with MOCH.


In collaboration with DSB, MOCH has developed an e-learning course that educates DSB employees about the company’s good service pledges,


In cooperation with LAM, MOCH created the e-learning course “Starting up for new members”.

CUSTOMER: Landsforeningen af Menighedsråd

In cooperation with Skole og Forældre, MOCH has developed a course that equips voluntary school boards to carry out their work properly.

CUSTOMER: Skole og Forældre

MOCH has created an onboarding solution for Q8 that trains employees to provide customers with the best customer service.


To meet the challenge, MOCH helped Vej-EU to develop a fundamental e-learning course that prepares the participants before they start the 2-day course.


MOCH has developed a course for Synoptik that trains employees, including managers, on how to use their new system for various essential tasks.

CUSTOMER: Synoptik

MOCH developed an online training program as part of AAI’s Governance Academy Training.

CUSTOMER: ActionAid International

In collaboration with CPH, MOCH created the course “Driver’s Course Class 0” for employees with a Class 0 permit.

CUSTOMER: Copenhagen Airport

MOCH developed simple, explorative material that is easy to access and does not take too much of the personnel’s precious time.

CUSTOMER: Statens Serum Institut

Together with Seahealth, MOCH provided a course in general food hygiene.

CUSTOMER: Seahealth

In collaboration with OKQ8, MOCH developed the course “Food Feeling” for employees at service stations.


MOCH has developed a course for Vestas that trains employees in compliance with legislation and Vestas’ Code of Conduct.


It is important for employees working for the state, the regions or the municipality to act appropriately when handling personal data.

CUSTOMER: Agency for Modernisation Ministry of Finance

More than 300,000 Danes live with the chronic disease, type 2 diabetes.

CUSTOMER: Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) performs veterinary meat inspection in abattoirs.

CUSTOMER: The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration