Awareness Training

compliance træning
Eleminate threats

Operationalize Your Awareness Training

You can operationalize your awareness training through a unique selection of high-quality awareness courses. We can help you automate your awareness programs and streamline your training efforts at the same time. Would you like to learn more about our online courses and e-learning process regarding awareness training? Then contact us today.
Give Co-Responsibility

Give the co-responsibility to your employees. Hold them accountable for understanding and practising your guidelines, policies, and procedures. 

Compliance Culture

Create a durable compliance culture, where you strengthen your brand by focusing on your ethics and view of rules, guidelines, data- and IT-security, and policies. 

Add-on Campaigns

Receive access to well-organized add-on campaigns, that support your implementation and completion.  

Københavns Professions Højskole
“The strength in our collaboration with MOCH has been that they are open to developing e-learning in collaboration with representatives from the sector. MOCH has facilitated the collaboration across educational institutions and contributed with their professional knowledge about structuring e-learning. It has been a really good process and we are looking forward to implementing e-learning for our students. 

Lars Kofod-Jensen

Project Manager, Københavns Professionshøjskole, Bibliotek og IT, Ressourceområdet

Is Awareness Training From MOCH A Good Investment?

A Cost-efficient tool
More and more organisations are realizing that there is no real alternative to introducing a comprehensive awareness training system based on solid professionalism and engaging pedagogy. Even though it's initially an expense, good basis online training is an effective remedy in avoiding real threats to the organisation – so from a business perspective, online awareness training is a good choice.


An intelligent compliance platform that makes it easier to work with compliance.


Your employees will receive a certificate when the e-learning is complete, and recertification is also possible.

Valuable Reports

You can keep track of the number of people who complete the e-learning and which questions they had the hardest time answering correctly. 

Safe Data Handling

We are ISAE 3000 certified, which means we do annual IT revisions. This means that we manage your data safely. 


Compliance is the compliance of rules and observance of guidelines. It can result in fines and warnings for the organisation if the compliance isn’t maintained. 

Compliance is therefore about securing that, e.g. employees in a corporation, comply with the rules and guidelines within a specific area. This could for instance be regarding GDPR or IT security. 

Our compliance training is relevant if you, as a Compliance Officer or Compliance Manager, are responsible for training your organisation’s employees in an efficient and well-documented manner. 

The value that compliance creates in the organisations is that rules and guidelines are complied to. This helps prevent them from receiving fines and warnings. 

The compliance training is built around well-proven pedagogical and didactic learning principles. Involving cases, graphics, and elements from gamification are featured, which engages the participants and secures a good learning experience. The e-learning ends with a test, which examines the level of knowledge obtained by the participant.