A little nudge in the right direction

August — 2017

As a manager, you probably have a lot of thoughts and ideas about which direction your organisation or department should move.

But does it actually happen? How can you motivate your employees without imposing more control?

Nudging describes how we motivate each other to move in the right direction and make good decisions.

Rather than staring blindly on ideals which are difficult to live up to, you as a manager can accept that people are part of the equation. Instead, you should focus on finding solutions that match our psychological equipment rather than working against it.

E-learning can help you to create positive changes in your workflow and task resolution

… as well as achieving an effect that quickly make the investment worth it. For example, consider using e-learning to nudge your organisation or department away from rooted and not fertile habits, becoming better at dealing with unfortunate situations or creating a work environment where constructive feedback is an integrated part of the workflow, etc.

One of the many advantages of e-learning is that it is based on developing the participant’s understanding of how he or she should act in realistic everyday situations. With e-learning you, as a manger, can give your employees concrete skills to optimise their work, rather than give them too much information that will be forgotten anyway because it is not directly relevant in their everyday lives.

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