Onboarding – What is it?

March — 2017


Onboarding… What is that?
Do you know?

Well, you see… onboarding is a preliminary process where new employees acquire the resources and skills, as well as the knowledge and behaviour necessary for quickly and efficiently getting ‘settled’ at the new job.

Onboarding is an efficient tool that introduces newly employed to the company to make them feel confident and ensure that they can get ‘on board’ quickly and join the organisation. With onboarding, the new employees will feel welcome faster, they will be more comfortable in their new environment, thus making them productive at work more rapidly.

The crucial 90 days

You spend resources and time on choosing and recruiting the exact right new employees for your company. But how exactly do you welcome them? And how do you get the new employees properly integrated in the organisation?

The first 90 days of a period of employment are crucial when you are welcoming new employees into the company. Because if the new employees in the duration of this three-months “trial period” experience support, guidance and encouragement from management and colleagues, they will get a more positive relation to their job and for this reason work harder.

Therefore, it is important that you allocate sufficient time to onboard – that is, to introduce the new employees in the best possible way!

Onboarding is relevant for small, medium and large organisations. As already mentioned, it costs both resources and time to hire new employees – that is a big investment! So why not secure this investment through onboarding?


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