Onboarding - Why?

March — 2017


“Why focus more on onboarding?”
You might ask…

What if I told you that studies show that up to 40 % of newly employed leave their job during the first year. And when employees go through structured onboarding, they are 58 %more likely to remain with the organization after three years.

However, for a growing company, it can be challenge to provide the sufficient amount of time to onboard, because often when your company is under rapid development, it is difficult to focus on anything besides keeping your head above water.

Yet, it can be a costly affair if you time and time again need to use time and resources on hiring new employees!

Onboarding is good for both employees and the organisation

If you want your new staff to have good chances of staying in the company and give their best, it is very important that you focus on onboarding. This shows the newly hired employees that you and the organisation appreciate their presence and that their contributions matter – which are all good ways to ensure that new employees feel seen, heard and trusted.

And the faster the new employees feel welcome and are prepared for their new job, the faster they will be able to contribute to the company’s overall success.

If onboarding is implemented properly, it will result in new employees feeling:

– Increased job satisfaction
– Improved well-being
– Organisational motivation
– Better performance
– Less stress

However, good onboarding is not only positive to newly employed but is also beneficial for the company. Because when employees are more satisfied with their job and have a higher and more efficient performance level, this also has a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

So why not be efficient from the first day?

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