Onboarding – Why in digital form?

March — 2017


Why make digital onboarding?
Well, why not?

As previously mentioned, onboarding is about getting new employees quickly and efficiently settled in their new job – so why wait until the first day of work? The onboarding can actually start as soon as the contract is signed.

A successful onboarding program is one that provides as much value to the new employees’ experience as it does to the actual onboarding process – and here, e-learning can be of great help. A well-structured e-learning program can support training and introduction to the organisation. furthermore, it can help build constructive internal relations, as newly hired employees will quickly know where they can safely ask for help and feedback.


It is simple and easy

If you for example are an employer or staff manager, an onboarding program in the form of e-learning can give you a golden chance to give new employees direct access to the onboarding process so they quickly and efficiently will be able to give their fullest at work in record time.

You can easily assign relevant courses for newly employed to let them train and test their competences, and you can also upload practical information, i.e. the company policy or employee manual.

You can follow the employees’ activities and see how they have prepared for the first day at work but it also gives an overview of the result the organisation gets from training their employees, whether it raises the employees’ competences and whether the organisation reaches their goals.

In this way, employees, managers and HR gets easy access and an overview of the planned activities in the onboarding process and the employees’ progression. Moreover, the employees can take the onboarding program where and when they want – on their mobiles, tablets and computers.

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