A smart tool

September — 2017


If you have the right tool, it is not a problem to build your own e-learning.

Let MOCH help you get started.

With MOCH’s DIY solution, you and your company can easily and quickly get started with building your own e-learning with the tool Adapt. But why is it a smart tool?

Well… One of the most important basic features is that the tool is cloud-based. It means that all your content is securely stored online and always available. You do not need to make backup files, and you do not risk losing data.

The tool gives you the opportunity to use more than 30 different templates that are already developed. Additionally, all of your original files are available for all future courses in Adapt’s platform, which ensures that you can subsequently update the courses yourself, saving time and resources.

Beginner or expert…

The tool can accommodate all types of users. This means that you can develop effective e-learning courses without having specific knowledge of programming or software development.

You will thus be able to create courses containing sound, video, text, graphic and interactive content. This allows you to develop courses that suit users with different learning styles.

If you are interested in hearing more about how MOCH can help you get started with building your own e-learning, or if you are just curious about what else we have to offer, please contact us.