A solution that adapts

September — 2017


Today, people expect that all content is available anywhere and at any time.

This applies to websites, apps and not least e-learning.

With MOCH’s DIY solution, you and your company can easily build your own e-learning with a responsive design, so the courses function on all devices.

Responsive design equals a customisable interface: This means that you should be able to see all elements and navigate probably, whether you use your tablet, pc or smartphone.

The tool s based on basic principles about responsive design, and the tool makes it possible for you to develop your own responsive e-learning course – without breaking the bank.

An e-learning course developed with this tool gives you an integrated solution that automatically ensures a responsive design, without you having to make an extra effort. With this tool, you can create a solution centred on the user’s experience and personal benefits.

If you are interested in hearing more about how MOCH can help you get started with building your own responsive e-learning, or if you are just curious about what else we have to offer, please contact us.