When is it corruption?

November — 2017


Imagine the following situation…

You work in the purchasing department and has a good relationship to your suppliers. Your birthday is coming up, so one of the suppliers sends you a gift; a new smartphone. With the gift is also a card, telling how happy the supplier is for your cooperation, and that the gift is merely an expression for the respect he has for you personally and professionally.

Can you accept the gift?

That is a really good question. For when and to what extent is it okay to receive and give gifts? And when is it corruption?

Corruption can take many forms …

… as for example bribery, fraud and facilitation payment, and you can end up in situations where it can be difficult to know whether it is an expression for corruption or a standard work process. And then what should you do?

Corruption can affect both you and your company on the reputation, but also on the bottom line. A situation, which multiple companies must deal with when operating on the international markets.

Avoid corruption!

Do you want to secure that both you and your colleagues know the rules about anti-corruption? And are prepared to handle situations where there may be doubts about corruption? 

With an e-learning course about anti-corruption from MOCH you will learn what corruption is, and how to think and act when it comes to corruption.

The course is addressed to both managers and employees.