Moving in a grey zone

November — 2017


Whether you are an employee or a manager…

…you make a lot of decisions in your work on a daily basis. Sometimes you can find yourself in situations where you must make an ethical choice.

But what if it is a grey zone where there are no official laws that can guide you? How do you avoid an inappropriate business behaviour? When experiencing an ethical dilemma on your workplace, you can with your company’s Code of Conduct get an understanding of how to handle the situation. But what exactly is a Code of Conduct?

A Code of Conduct is the company’s guidelines that tells you how to deal with colleagues, customers and suppliers, and ensure a good business behaviour. A Code of Conduct helps you to ask yourself the right questions and decide how to best handle an ethical dilemma.

A Code of Conduct is not enough!

Although a Code of Conduct is an important step towards a good work-culture, the conduct itself it is not enough to ensure a good business behaviour.

You probably know it yourself from when you are asked to read terms and conditions for using a specific service, app or the like – it is easy just to click “accept terms” without having read or understood what it is all about.

If you simply give the employees a bunch of documents about the company’s guidelines about good business behaviour, they will rarely be read or understood. A Code of Conduct on its own is far from enough to transform the guidelines to practice. So how can your company’s Code of Conduct become become implemented in both yours and your colleagues’ workday?

With an e-learning course from MOCH  in your company’s Code of Conduct, you will learn about your company’s guidelines and how to follow the principles in practice, so it has an impact on you and your colleagues.

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