Effective meeting management

July — 2017


Are your meetings effective and constructive – or a waste of time?

It is not always easy to accomplish a constructive meeting.

We have all been there: you are at a meeting and everyone brings a lot of coffee and good intentions. But during the meeting, you lose track at the objective and the casual chit chat takes over. Before you know it, the meeting has ended! But despite the fact that it has been a long meeting, it has not been constructive. Perhaps you have not achieved anything new at all?


Why is it important with good meeting management?

The unemployment fund, CA, has conducted a survey that shows, that according to the participants, 15 % of all meetings are wasted. But with what? And which challenges do you typically encounter at a meeting without effective meeting management?

One of the challenges is to get all meeting participants in play. Most have experienced people who are not engaged or always late. It can be a challenge to make sure that everyone is heard. If the participants feel ignored, or if they feel that their input is not taken seriously, they may even lose the interest in the meeting or quit showing up altogether.

Contrarily, another challenge can be that everybody must be heard – all the time. When all meeting participants want to let their opinion be known, it can be hard to end up with a final output. You often experience meetings where all you do is having various discussions, without ending up with a constructive result.

These meetings can especially feel like a waste of time, if you do not feel that you have come any further than before the meeting.

In both cases, you need effective meeting management.

What is the effect of good meeting management?

Meeting management is about planning and organising effective meetings.

Good meeting management creates meetings with results, but it also creates a great energy before, during and after the meetings as well as organised workflows.

Good meeting management ensures that the meetings are well-planned, and that both the meeting leaders and participants are prepared.

Finally, it also ensures a proper following-up on the meetings, so you are sure that they lead to the desired result.

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