GDPR microlearning

March — 2018


Companies know they need to work on GDPR employee training and development.

But do the employees feel that they can find the time to learn in their work day? Are they too busy and impatient to sit down and complete hours-long training?

If this is the case, microlearning is the perfect solution.


Microlearning is shown to aid the learning process.

Microlearning is all about getting your GDPR e-learning in small doses. It is more compatible with the human brain’s ability to learn short, easily consumable segments.

With GDPR e-learning as microlearning you get a learner-centric approach that enables the learners to quickly close a small knowledge or skill gap. It provides just-in-time training that is available on multiple devices and is therefore a great fit for the modern age, where everyone has a mobile phone, and many have plenty of dead time, such as long commutes to work.

Giving the learners short, consumable GDPR-bites, the lessons feel achievable. By requiring less of the learners’ time and energy, they might actually consume more content than if you hit them with a novel.

What else?

Due to the short training duration, the GDPR e-learning can be developed much quicker and it is easier to update.

With microlearning you make it easier for the learners to find exactly what they need in a specific situation. The learners can easily log on, get the information they need quickly, and get back to doing what they’re doing.

Are you interested in hearing more about GDPR as microlearning and giving it a try? Then contact us!