Have you "mapped" today?

December — 2017


At first glance, mind mapping can seem a bit superficial. But underestimating a mind map is a shame!

In fact, mind mapping is an effective tool that can help you prioritise, plan, renew and improve the solution of daily tasks as well as increase your creativity. And the importance of prioritising and planning cannot be underlined enough. Try to take a look here.

Mind mapping is about getting the most important down on the paper in a concentrated form – an effective way to do this is by making keywords. Keywords are words “unlocking” your memory and help you recall the thoughts you had when you wrote the word. Visual words, symbols and drawings are good as keywords because they form images that supports your memory and gives you an overview. In fact, long sentences with many fills will disturb more than they will support.

The advantage of a mind map is that it literally “maps” they way your brain sees and creates connections, as a mind map appeals to both your left and right half of the brain.  The right half of the brain thinks in images and colours, connections and wholes – whereas the left half of the brain thinks in words, order and individual parts.

Most of us are used to writing in words when taking notes. And when you just write words, you only use your left half of the brain. But if you also use colours, symbols and drawings, you also use you right half of the brain. The result is synergy between the two halfs of the brain; and when the whole brain is running, the memory effect is multiplied!

Mind mapping is an effective tool

Just try to think on all the things you can use it for. For example, you can use mind mapping:

– to plan, for example a task, your routines or even your summer vacation
– to take notes from a meeting or a course
– to create an overview
– to make a presentation
– to prepare a conversation, for example the staff development interview

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