7 excellent tips for implementing GDPR in your organisation

September — 2018


1. Illuminate GDPR
Educate and train your employees in GDPR, be aware of the new rules, and ensure that all relevant staff has understood what it is. GDPR can be overwhelming but is manageable to comprehend with the right learning tool from MOCH:

2. Control your stored data
Check and secure that all your currently stored data is processed and protected properly according to the data regulation.

3. Establish procedures
Prepare yourself and your employees to process personal data properly by establishing clear procedures and guidelines for receiving, storing and passing personal data. If done properly, there should never be any doubt about what to do in any given situation.

4. Data breach
Establish firm procedures for what to do in case of data breaches and leaks, which needs to be reported.

5. Consent
Inspect and guarantee that you have valid consents from your clients to process their data.

6. DPO
Determine whether you need a Data Protection Officer in your organisation (mostly large establishments).

7. Evaluate and maintain
What works? What doesn’t? Maintain your new approaches and control that they work as intended, and cf. the GDPR.