Onboarding – it is about management as well

April — 2017


Believe it or not but all organisations have some type of onboarding.

Perhaps it is not exactly a word you use in your organisation but all companies at some point hire new employees who get new experiences, meet new people and learn new things.

However, the question remains: is your onboarding good enough?

Do you help them get on board and become engaged in the company? Are you giving them a proper welcome?

It is about planning but also about managing

Successful onboarding requires proper planning. When you plan your onboarding progress, it is important that you consider what the strategy and objective of the onboarding is. However, it is also important that you consider the more social elements of the onboarding, such as how new employees are introduced to the colleagues.

Yet, successful onboarding does not only require good planning but also good management! Because no matter how good the onboarding process for the newly hired employees is, the majority will still leave the company if they are not met by a good leader.

If you want to keep your new employees, it is important that you as a leader are present and are ready to motivate and introduce them. So, take the time to guide your new employees into their new job, go through their job descriptions, ensure clear expectations and set some priorities/objectives for the first 90 days – in that way, you and the new employee are on the same page from day one!

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