Plan your work and work on your plan

December — 2017


An important part of being able to manage your company, work day or everyday life is the ability to prioritise and plan your tasks.

The importance of prioritising and planning can not be underlined enough. Planning is one of the most important tools; from managing your company and employees, to starting or furthering your career, to planning your work tasks or even your everyday life and family life.

Let us take a look at why it is so important with good planning.

First and foremost, planning helps you to increase your creativity and promote innovative ideas and possibilities. Through planning you will be able to create different plans you can work on and revise, to finally make a final decision and choose the best plan of them all. Planning also helps you to promote your decision-making.

Planning provides direction and helps you achieve your own goals and the company’s goals. Planning tells you what to do and when to do it.

With good planning, you can increase the efficiency both for your company and yourself. With planning, you get an optimal use of all available resources while reducing waste of valuable resources and avoiding double work.

How you plan is very individual!

Perhaps you are comfortable with regular routines, maybe you need to take things as the circumstances dictate. We all plan our day to a greater or less extent, but there are differences in how.

The most efficient employee is not necessary the one who has the most tasks or who run the fastest; but the one who is capable to focus on one task at a time and knows himself/herself enough to know when he or she is most effective. Good planning makes you effective and more creative.

Planning is of course a habit and not a specific method. Therefore, it is first and foremost about knowing yourself and finding the principles behind planning.

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