Safety and first aid

June — 2017


What do you do if an accident happens?

An accident happens every 30 seconds in Denmark and 10 people experience a heart attack – a day.

Even though you likely hope that you will never experience an accident first hand, it is important to know what to do, if it should happen. Because in the case of an emergency, it is important to act quick and know what to do.


Get first aid under your skin

We all know that first aid can save lives.

In fact, the chances of surviving can be increased with 300% if life-saving first aid is given immediately in the case of a heart attack.

However, only 37% of Danes has taken a first aid course in the past five years. This means that more than every second Dane does not have the fundamental first aid skills under their skin. In other words, they don’t know what to do if a person collapses with a heart attack.

For those who has taken a first aid course, it can be difficult to remember all those first aid techniques. Some have not been trained in first aid since they took their driver’s course and can only barely remember what to do.

This is a problem because first aid goes both ways: You need to be able to perform first aid to save others. But it is also important that others can perform first aid, so you can be rescued yourself, in case it is you who needs to be rescued.

Learn how to save lives

First aid can be of use everyone and you never know in which situation you might need it: Whether you are in traffic, at work or just walking down the street.

MOCH offers a learning tool for individuals and companies that gives the participants knowledge about how to react in case of a heart attack, how to perform life-saving first aid as well as how to give first aid to common injuries. You will also get theoretical knowledge and guidance on techniques and you will be able to test your knowledge in a simulated situation where you need to act.

The e-learning course is flexible and can stand alone as an introduction to first aid, where you receive the fundamental knowledge in a quick and effective way. The course can also be used in connection with a traditional first aid course: Either as an introduction or as a refresher. Take a first aid course yourself or make it a part of your organisation’s emergency preparedness to make you and your employees better at rescuing lives.

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