Safety at work

May — 2017


Every year more than 40,000 work-related accidents are reported in Denmark.

Work accidents have heavy costs for the injured, the work places and the society as whole.

Lack of security in the workplace can result in falling, excess strain, pains and in worst case, death. Therefore, a safe and healthy work environment is important – but unfortunately, it is usually only when misfortune strikes that safety is put on the agenda.

That is why it is essential that management and employees together work at preventing work accidents and uphold a safe work environment.


Create awareness from your own experiences

It is important that management sends clear signals about prioritising safety and that injury prevention is incorporated in the daily routines. However, it is not enough to formulate elaborate instructions in, for example, operating equipment or the use of protective equipment – the instructions must also be followed and upheld.

If you all take your own, concrete experiences as the starting point, the fact that safety must be taken seriously will instantly become more vivid in the minds of all employees. To formulate the necessary education through realistic examples can inspire everyone who is affiliated with the company to uphold rules and instructions and to take responsibility so that dangerous situations do not arise.

Efficiently prevent accidents

But how do you ensure that your workplace is a safe place to be?

With an e-learning course you can get properly started ensuring that the safety in your workplace is put on the agenda.

The learning tool is tailored for you and based on the challenges that you meet in your working day. The learning tool easily and effectively gets everyone on the same page when it comes to your mutual safety.

With e-learning you can create the necessary focus on safety in the workplace and at the same time save expenses from physical meetings, instruction and logistics. You will also be updated on whether all employees has obtained the necessary understanding and be able to continuously adjust your learning tool as needed.

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