The new General Data Protection Regulation - are you ready?

October — 2017


The right to be forgotten. Privacy by Design and Default. Data Protection Officer. Explicit consent…

Everyone is talking about the new General Data Protection Regulation and you have probably already heard about the new rules.

But what does the rules mean in practice?
Do you and your company comply with the requirements of the new regulation?
How do you and your colleagues become ready to process personal data in accordance with the new rules?
And where and how should you start?

One thing is that the management must ensure a proper implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and must be able to document what the company does and why. The organisation must analyse its current compliance level, plans of action must be implemented, contingency plans must be developed, etc. However, related to all the work of the new regulation is also a big and important task in educating the employees who are working with and handling personal data.

Education – does that mean that all employees need to read the more than 200-page-long regulation? No, that would not be particularly effective or educational! But how then can you ensure that you and your colleagues get an education experience from a comprehensive and complicated legislative text? This is where e-learning comes into the picture!

The General Data Protection Regulation as e-learning

MOCH’s e-learning course in the General Data Protection Regulation takes the heavy “law language” down to a more everyday-like level, which makes everyone able to understand it. With the course in the Data Protection Regulation, we can help you, your company and your colleagues get onboard, so you can live up to the new rules and not least handle personal information correctly.


In the course, you will, among other things, learn about:

– What is personal data?
– Requirements for good practices of the processing of personal data
– When may you process personal data?
– The rights of the data subject
– Passing on personal data
– Data controller and data processor
– Privacy by Design and Default

Does this sound interesting? Would you like to hear more about how we can help you and your colleagues? Then contact us to hear more about our future standard course in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.