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How can we introduce our new members to their work?

ActionAid International – Humanitarian work – 2016

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    Efficient strategic governance

    The international organisation ActionAid International (AAI) currently consists of 29 Boards and 19 Assemblies, working with 25 million people in over 40 countries for a world free of poverty and injustice. The board members needed to have basic knowledge about AAI as an organisation and their own role and responsibilities, so they can ensure efficient strategic governance for AAI. Therefore, AAI wanted to develop an e-learning-solution to ensure effective boards and meet the needs of new board members and also encourage the exchange of good practice.

  • ActionAid International

    Knowledge and action

    When it comes to developing e-learning, MOCH has a long track record of helping humanitarian work organisations. Together with AAI, we developed an online training program, as part of AAI’s Governance Academy Training, using a range of means to support the different learning styles and types of knowledge. The focus is not only to consider what they need to know, but also what they should be able to do in their work on the board after their participation in the online training program.

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    Relations and rights at the centre

    The online training allows board members to feel part of ActionAid International and act effectively in their duties and role in relation to AAI’s vision, mission, objects and values. The board members can act on behalf of the federation and add value in their respective countries as well as internationally.