Agency for Modernisation Ministry of Finance

How can we ensure our employees know the Public Procurement Rules?

Agency for Modernisation Ministry of Finance – Compliance & Law – 2016

  • Agency for Modernisation Ministry of Finance

    To accomplish a public procurement

    It is important for employees working for the state, the regions or the municipality to be able to initiate and accomplish a public procurement correctly. The Finance Modernisation Agency wanted to develop an e-learning course to enhance the skills of state employees, who, due to their position, are directly or indirectly concerned by the rules of Public Procurement Rules.

  • Agency for Modernisation Ministry of Finance

    Gamification and video

    Having completed several projects in the public sector, MOCH has an in-depth knowledge and experience in developing compliance and law solutions. Working closely with the Finance Modernisation Agency, MOCH developed a course that gives a thorough introduction and training to state employees in the various public procurements. The course uses a high level of gamification and video to engage the users and ensure that the processes and the complex “legal language” is presented more colloquially to make the learning process efficient for all.

  • Agency for Modernisation Ministry of Finance

    Choosing the right procurement

    Through the course, each employee gains basic knowledge about the overall framework of the Public Procurement Rules and the specific processes for each procurement. The course ensures and support that the employees chooses the right public procurement, but also that they are aware of their responsibilities and tasks so that they can accomplish a public procurement properly.