How can we best prepare the unemployed?

BUPL – Process optimisation – 2016

  • BULP

    Explaining the rules

    When Danes are unemployed, they have the right to collect unemployment benefits. In return, the jobless has an obligation to actively look for a job and meet certain rules and deadlines in relation to this. BUPL, the Danish Union of Early Childhood and Youth Educators who organise 83 % of all pedagogues in Denmark, needed a tool to be used prior to their introductory meetings, that could easily explain the rules for unemployment benefits to the unemployed.

  • BUPL

    An efficient learning process

    With help from MOCH, BUPL now has an e-learning-course that introduces their members to the most important requirements in the unemployment benefits, so they are prepared for the introductory meeting at BUPL. The course mostly contains videos, which ensure that the complex “legal language” is presented more colloquially to make the learning process efficient for all members.

  • BUPL

    Help to find a job

    The course gives BUPL’s memebers a fundamental knowledge about the unemployment benefits, so they more easily can navigate in the many rules. It also ensures that BUPL does not need to spend most of their meetings on explaining the rules and regulations. Instead, BUPL can concentrate on what’s really important - helping the unemployed to find a job.