How can we train our employees in innovation?

Coloplast – Process optimisation – 2016

  • Coloplast

    A new innovation approach

    Coloplast wanted to bring more innovation to their internal processes to improve their business and products. In order to achieve this, Coloplast created AIM 2.0, a new innovation approach with great impact on employees’ approach to their work. To ensure a successful implementation of AIM 2.0, Coloplast needed to educate their employees in AIM 2.0 and the changes it entailed for their work procedures.

  • Coloplast

    Relevant and engaging

    Together with Coloplast, MOCH created an e-learning course that thoroughly introduces all employees to AIM 2.0. The course uses different interactive elements, such as video interviews with both CEO’s and colleagues as well as animations, create an interactive and engaging learning experience that helps the employees to understand the purpose and value of AIM 2.0 and why it is relevant for all projects.

  • Coloplast

    To the next level

    The course ensures that internal processes in Coloplast are much more transparent and standardised, with increased management interactions and well-defined deliverables. The course and implementation of the new approach contributes to taking Coloplast’s innovation capability to the next level and deliver new and greater products faster to the market.