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How can we make the airport a safe place to be?

Copenhagen Airport – Aviation – 2014

  • Copenhagen Airport

    Ensuring airport safety

    Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in Denmark and has approximately 25,000 airport employees who all need to know where and how they can move around the different areas of the airport safely. Among these employees are those with a Class 0 permit, who travel on foot or by bicycle in specific areas of the airport. CPH would like to educate these employees to ensure they are properly trained in the rules designed to ensure airport safety.

  • Copenhagen Airport

    An interactive learning experience

    In collaboration with CPH, MOCH created the course “Driver’s Course Class 0” for employees with a Class 0 permit. The course uses videos, animations and exercises as well create an interactive learning experience that helps employees gain knowledge of the safety procedures and permit rules in an interesting way.

  • Copenhagen Airport

    A risk-free environment

    Through e-learning, the training can occur in a controlled and risk-free environment - an important benefit when it comes to aviation, where it can be difficult to teach procedures in a real environment. The e-learning ensures that employees know what areas they are allowed to enter with their permits and that they understand the safety rules as well as their duties when moving around the airport.