Danish Red Cross

How do we prepare our volunteers for helping others?

Danish Red Cross – Humanitarian work – 2016

  • Danish Red Cross

    The right tools at the right time

    Danish Red Cross makes a great effort to equip their volunteers for the many tasks they face daily. With more than 26,000 volunteers and 213 local departments all over the country, however, making the right educational tools available at the right time can pose a challenge. Danish Red Cross therefore needed a flexible solution to prepare their volunteers for helping others, no matter their location.

  • Danish Red Cross

    Substantial basic training

    MOCH has designed an e-learning solution for Danish Red Cross that provides their volunteers with substantial basic training. The programme enables volunteers to become comfortable with and well informed about their future tasks. Interviews with other volunteers and reflective questions also enable the users to learn from others’ experiences and reflect on their own roles and responsibilities as volunteers.

  • Danish Red Cross

    Increase in volunteers

    This e-learning enables Danish Red Cross to quickly and easily offer training to both large and small groups of volunteers all over the country, which has led to an increase in volunteers joining Danish Red Cross. The concept is simple and effective, ensuring their volunteers are well-prepared for their work.