Directorate of Social Services

How do we protect the children?

Directorate of Social Services – Safety – 2013

  • Directorate of Social Services

    Attention and guidance

    As adults, we have a responsibility for protecting children and adolescents, especially when it is in regard to as serious topics as violence and sexual abuse. The Directorate of Social Services has developed an emergency preparedness for municipalities to prevent, detect and handle cases involving violence and sexual abuse against children and adolescents. But what can be done when you both need to create awareness, give guidance and provide tools for disposal? That was the question the Directorate of Social Services asked themselves when they needed to spread the knowledge about “Overgrebspakken”, that functions as an aid for employees in local authorities such as day-care centres, schools and institutions that help prevent violence and sexual abuse against children and adolescents.

  • Directorate of Social Services

    Cross-Media production

    MOCH’s answer to that question is a cross-media production consisting of 2 websites, 5 pen-to-paper films, a printed folder, a printed folder of inspiration for drafting local politics and guidelines and the organization of 3 different educational modules for 10 educators in the board (including didactic, PowerPoints and implementing the entire material).

  • Directorate of Social Services

    Handy tools

    With the cross-media production, the message is communicated through different channels to reach the wide target group. The pen-to-paper films raises awareness and can start debates, and the websites gives easy access to information and tools. Furthermore, the rest of the material gives tangible tools, guidelines and dialogue-tools that can be applied in the daily work on institutions and schools. The cross-media productions are tied together by a common design and expression that creates coherence and recognizability across the different medias.