How can we improve the quality of our service?

DSB – Service – 2015

  • DSB

    Consistently good service

    DSB strives to deliver a good and consistent service to their customers, every single time – regardless of whether the customer encounters an employee at the train station, in the 7-Eleven kiosk, or at the service centre. DSB wanted to develop a service training tool to increase the quality of their service while maintaining a common understanding of and a shared responsibility for good customer service. To succeed, there was a need to focus on service quality standards and on the behaviour of the individual; because good conduct influences everyone’s mood – colleagues as well as customers.

  • DSB

    Blended learning

    In collaboration with DSB, MOCH has developed an e-learning course designed to be taken alongside a 2-hour training session in order to combine classroom teaching with the e-learning experience. MOCH has made a point of relating the e-learning course topics and scenarios closely to the employees’ daily duties, as experience shows that scenario-based e-learning makes it easier for employees to relate the new knowledge to their work.

  • DSB

    The best service-minded way

    The quality of the customer service and customer satisfaction has the potential to make or break the business. With the course, the staff improves their skills and acquire new ones. They are now equipped with the skills to act in the best service-minded way in accordance with DSB’s standards and can boost the customer loyalty.