How can we create a sustainable mindset?

Grundfos – Process optimisaiton – 2015

  • Grundfos

    Sustainable relations

    Sustainability is central for Grundfos’ way to run their company. Grundfos wants to create and strengthen sustainable relations to their collaborative partners, the surrounding environment and not least to their employees. That is why it is important that the employees understand what the term sustainability covers.

  • Grundfos

    Simple and efficient

    Together with Grundfos, MOCH has designed an e-learning course that, with the use of videos and cases, shows the employees what Grundfos understands by sustainability. Through exercises, the employees can reflect on and recall what they have seen, heard and learned. The concept of the course is simple and efficient - the same goes for the work process.

  • Grundfos

    A common mindset

    The course ensures that all employees in Grundfos has a common and sustainable mindset. At the same time, it contributes to the understanding of how the employees themselves can contribute to the company’s sustainability in their daily work. In the long run, the e-learning course will be supplemented by webinars and workshops that help anchor the sustainable mindset and support concrete initiatives.