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How do we get the students to become more curious about science?

Kata Foundation – Education – 2016

  • Kata Foundation

    Developing the teaching practices

    The Kata Foundation wanted teachers of natural science to have improved conditions for developing their teaching and evoke interest from the students in science. The Kata Foundation wanted to give the teachers better tools for finding inspiration to their subject as well as a strong, professional environment in their everyday, to help students become better in the subject of natural science.

  • Kata Foundation

    Get smarter at natural science

    Based on a range of tested methods, MOCH develop the e-learning platform “Klog på Naturfag” (“Get smarter at natural science”) in collaboration with the Kata Foundation. The solution consists of 28 modules, where the teachers are presented with various tools, methods, models and exercises that they can use in their lessons. And the point is that the teachers must jointly review the modules, so they can increase their corporation at the same time.

  • Kata Foundation

    Upgrading of skills

    Studies show that skilled and professional teachers are the single factor that matters most to the students’ yield. Get smarter at natural science helps science teachers to strengthen and upgrade their teaching methods and skills, including the ability to communicate academic content, the ability to lead the lessons and the ability to motivate the students to learn.