Landsforeningen af Menighedsråd

How can we introduce our new members to their work?

Landsforeningen af Menighedsråd – Onboarding – 2016

  • Landsforeningen af Menighedsråd

    A limited knowledge

    Newly elected members of the Danish parochial church councils often only have a limited knowledge of the church council’s day-to-day work and duties. Therefore, the national society of parochial church councils, Landsforeningen af Menighedsråd (LAM), wanted to give a proper introduction to what it means to work in the parochial church councils to new members.

  • Landsforeningen af Menighedsråd

    Practical aspects

    In cooperation with LAM, MOCH created the e-learning course “Starting up for new members”. The course introduces new members to the practical aspects of the work of the church councils, using both auditory and visual stimulation, such as videos of various members of the church, to provide context to the course participants.

  • Landsforeningen af Menighedsråd

    A proper introduction

    The course flips the usual concept of orienting a new starter by giving them a proper introduction and easy access to information when they need it, rather than waiting for someone to have a spare moment. It ensures that the new members are well prepared for the work that they will carry out right from the start, minimizing the waste of time.