How do we make sure our employees put safety first?

Ørsted – Safety – 2015

  • Ørsted

    The safe way or no way

    It is essential to Ørsted that their employees know that safety in the workplace is a top priority. Ørsted needed their employees to be aware of how they can help improve and support the safety culture. It was important that staff were given a thorough introduction to work routines, rules and procedures – because at Ørsted, things are done the safe way, or no way. Ørsted wanted to develop a tool for this purpose in the form of a complete course on safety training.

  • Ørsted

    A practice-oriented solution

    A thorough analysis of Ørsted revealed that the best learning results would be attained with a practice-based and behaviour-oriented course that would stimulate users audiovisually. MOCH has therefore incorporated concrete and applicable examples from employees’ everyday experiences at Ørsted using video clips. This ensures that users are stimulated and motivated and thus maximise their learning retention.

  • Ørsted

    An active role

    Today, Ørsted welcomes both new and experienced employees to the workplace with the course, ensuring that all employees get the same effective safety training no matter what site they work at. The course helps the employees to take a more active role in the safety culture at work and prevent accidents on people and material.