How do we ensure good hygiene in our service stations?

OKQ8 – Hygiene – 2015

  • OKQ8

    Consistency and high quality

    OKQ8 is one of Sweden’s largest fuel companies, that not only has customers coming in to fill up their tanks but also to buy bread, cakes, snacks, hot dogs and sandwiches. OKQ8 needs to deliver consistency and high quality when it comes to food. It is therefore important for employees to have the right ‘food feeling’ and have good hygiene to ensure the quality of the food and also ensure that the customer has a good experience in the service station every time.

  • OKQ8

    The right food feeling

    Drawing on a range of tested methodes, MOCH developed the course “Food Feeling” for employees at service stations, which gives the employees knowledge and understanding of the importance of the processes in OKQ8’s food-concept. In order to best possible reach the target group, the course mainly uses video sequences and photos with voice-over to communicate the information.

  • OKQ8

    A common spirit

    The training creates a common spirit for all OKQ8’s employees. A common spirit in how to handle food correctly - before during and after - but also in how to provide the perfect cup of coffee, to maintain good hygiene and provide the best customer service.