How can we get our new employees ready for their new jobs?

Q8 – Onboarding – 2013

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    How to motivate Generation Y

    The international fuel and energy company Q8 wanted to implement a good onboarding process in order to motivate and upskill their employees right from the start. They needed a tool to get new hires ready for their new jobs; and they wanted to show their new employees what it’s like to work at Q8 and what is expected of them at work. The target group for this learning project primarily included employees from the so-called Generation Y. This generation is independent, critical and technology-savvy, which means they place high demands on the design and entertainment value of digital content. A challenge for this project was therefore to engage this target group in the right way.

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    Inspiration from film, TV and video games

    In order to deliver a learning solution that the target group can relate to and retain an interest in, MOCH developed an solution with inspiration film, TV and video games, which the employees are already familiar with and positive about. Containing animations, video clips, speak, interactive 3D models and humour, the individual topics of the course are presented in a mix of narrative structures, games, examples, quizzes and simulations.

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    A welcoming experience

    With the onboarding solution, Q8 can pre-board new hires before they start and ensure that the employees know what they can expect from working at Q8. It also creates an experience where the employees feel welcome at the workplace, which makes them more successful and effective in their jobs so they contribute to the company.