Skole og Forældre

How can we ensure that new school boards can handle their duties?

Skole og Forældre – Onboarding – 2016

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    Properly equipped to start

    Nearly 80% of all elementary schools in Denmark are members of the country's organisation for school boards and parents of children in primary school, Skole og Forældre. Skole og Forældre makes a great effort to welcome the voluntary school governors but with so many members, it can be a challenge to be present with the right educational input at the right time. So how can Skole og Forældre ensure that school boards are properly equipped to start their new job?

  • Skole og Forældre

    Interviews with children

    In cooperation with Skole og Forældre, MOCH has developed a course that addresses the important questions that volunteers may be asking about the tasks and duties involved in working on a school board. Using a high level of interactivity and video interviews that feature children explaining what a school board is, makes the course both entertaining and in touch with reality.

  • Skole og Forældre

    Teamwork and active participation

    The course equips voluntary school boards to carry out their work properly and enable them firstly to participate actively in the range of compulsory tasks, and also to organise efficient board meetings and to foster good teamwork, internally, with the principal and with the community as a whole.