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How do we guarantee proper hygiene in the healthcare sector?

Statens Serum Institut – Hygiene – 2012

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    Reducing infections

    One of the most important daily tasks for the health sector is to help reduce the number of infections contracted in hospitals. The medical staff's workdays are busy and demanding, with every minute being put to use. That is why it takes an effort to enforce good practises regarding crucially important hand hygiene. These tasks are among others handled by Statens Serum Institut (SSI), which belongs to the Ministry of Health and Esteem and who has been publishing information on the topic for more than 25 years. It is essential for SSI that the medical staff’s sanitation competencies are of very high quality - and this is where MOCH could help.

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    Breaking down myths

    In close cooperation with SSI and medical staff from hospitals at Jutland, Funen and Zealand in Denmark, MOCH developed the course “What you need to know about hand hygiene”, which later was expanded into a certificate course. Simple, explorative material that is easy to access and does not take too much of the personnel’s precious time. By using relevant dilemmas and cases, the participant is introduced to examples of frequently asked questions, doubts and reservations regarding hand hygiene - this helps break down myths about hand hygiene.

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    A high hand hygiene

    The e-learning helps to reduce the number of infections contracted in hospitals. Establishing a close link between the solution and the daily work processes ensures transfer of knowledge and improvement in the mindset and behaviour of the medft, so that a high hand hygiene is now part of the medical staff’s essential routine, without spending more time on it than is necessary.