How do we train our employees in using our new system?

Synoptik – System training – 2015

  • Synoptik

    A new system

    Synoptik needed to train their employees to use their new time tracking and resource management system, TimeGrip. It was essential that employees at every level would be able use TimeGrip effectively on a day-to-day basis.

  • Synoptik

    Engaging the users

    MOCH developed a course that introduces and trains employees and managers in their new system and how to use it for various essential tasks, through a ‘tell me’, ‘show me’ and ‘try me’ concept. In order to engage the users and create the best learning experience, we also implemented gamification in the course.

  • Synoptik

    A smooth transition

    The training ensures that all employees are thus prepared for the implementation of the new system. It results in a smooth transition, so that Synoptik can ensure an optimal staffing level in the stores and maintain the excellent customer service.