How do we ensure our employees have good business conduct?

Vestas – Compliance & Law – 2016

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    Corruption can take many forms

    Vestas conducts business with integrity and honesty and needs to ensure that all their employees are trained in legal compliance. They must be able to uphold Vestas’ standards and principles and avoid conflicts of interest, fraud and bribery. However, since corruption can take many forms, employees may sometimes find it difficult to determine whether a situation involves corruption or merely constitutes common business practice. Vestas therefore needed a course that would ensure employees understand the difference, handle the company’s Code of Conduct confidentially, and know how to seek guidance when in doubt.

  • Vestas

    Realistic scenarios

    MOCH has an extensive experience in delivering compliance training, and we therefore helped Vestas with developing a course trains employees in compliance with legislation and Vestas’ Code of Conduct. Through realistic and interactive scenarios, the employees must make choices and learn how to deal with for example bribery, facilitation payments and conflicts of interest, but also look at the impact of their choices.

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    Changing the behavior

    Gaining experience through realistic scenarios assists in changing the employees’ behaviour
    and supports the culture of integrity in Vestas. It keeps all employees on the same page when it comes to their compliance-actions and helps create a consistent culture as well as an uniform response to some of the common legal problems.