Your weapon against cybercrime

An estimate of 70-80% of all hacker attacks and security breaches are caused by human errors. When it comes to information security, your employees are your company’s biggest asset and weakest link. Start training your employees against cybercrime now.


    What is cyberrcrime?

    Cybercrime is the fastest growing type of criminal activity in the world. According to Europol, cybercrime is now more lucrative for criminals than the drugs trade.

    Cybercrime involves all illegal activities committed via a computer and the internet. The illegal activities particularly target companies in the form of e.g. malware, spyware, viruses and ransomware (phishing). IT criminals often target a “regular employee” who, with one wrong and fatal click, gives access to the company’s data.

  • Why cyberawareness

    Why be cyberaware?

    Your employees are often unaware how easily they compromise data and confidential information. That is why CEO’s and IT managers view employees inadvertent actions as the biggest existing cyber threat.

    International studies show that it takes 229 days before a cybercrime attack is identified as a security breach. That is a lot of days to snoop around – and a lot of days for your data to be abused.

  • Why cyberawareness

    Your responsibility

    Information security is about creating a general and widespread organisational safety culture. With the right training, your employees are your ‘first line of defence’ and information safety net. It is your responsibility to ensure your employees are cyberaware when handling your company’s information. It is not a matter of whether you will be hacked but when. Let us help you empower your employees against cybercrime.

About the course
  • Solution


    At first, many organisations do not believe they have anything to lose. But have you considered what happens if your IT system breaks down? Or if your client files, strategy documents, salary statements, sick reports or minutes from various meetings are stolen? Every day, your employees are confronted with potential threats when handling your company’s information. Ensure they can handle your information safely today.

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  • Company standard


    The goal of our e-learning course in cyber and information security is to increase the knowledge widely among employees in private and public companies. Through realistic questions and cases based on the employee’s workday, we give your organisation the best possible training in the market. Our course is ready for implementation, and MOCH’s online platform is available 24/7 on all devices.

  • Professional set up

    Experts in the field

    Our course is developed in collaboration with one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting firms with many years of experience in information security. At MOCH, we have worked with e-learning during the past 20 years for some of the country’s largest private and public organisation. We are proud to have more than 350,000 users in public and private companies complete our course in the EU General Data Protection Regulation – with many more to come. In other words, we know what works when training and educating employees!