Digital onboarding

Studies show that more than 22 percent of the newly appointed leave their job within the first 45 days of their employment.
With MOCH’s leading onboarding solution you can raise the engagement of your employees, create full performance faster and retain your employees. Much more efficient. And that is documented.
We customize digital onboarding for your company, so you tell your story, mission and strategy when you onboard new employees.

  • Onboarding

    What is good onboarding?

    Onboarding, pre-boarding, introduction course, introduction program, introduction plan – all are terms covering the processes with the aim of welcoming newly appointed employees. Our solution is highly efficient for this cause. We have specialists who can help you.

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  • Why you should onboard

    Why invest in onboarding?

    Hiring and training new employees can be expensive both economically and time wise. With e-learning in onboarding your new employees can go through the e-learning in their own way and when they have time.

    Onboarding is about telling the good story about the company and we will help you do that.

    It’s important who you choose to develop your e-learning. MOCH has 20 years of experience with onboarding. Contact us and hear about how we do it.

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  • Why onboarding

    The process

    The onboarding effort already begins as soon as the contract is signed.

    Onboarding is about meeting the newly appointed, helping them on the way and ensuring that their motivation stays, and the insecurities disappear. With a well-coordinated e-learning course in onboarding you can preboard the newly appointed as soon as they sign the contract and thereby create a safe environment and support their introduction in the organization.

About the course
  • The solution

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    You hire many new employees in one year. Do you want to ensure that they stay in the company and perform both better and faster?

    With good digital pre- and onboarding you can obtain satisfied and motivated employees faster.

    Contact us today and hear how we can help you with the onboarding process.

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  • Standard

    An efficient tool

    The goal of the onboarding program that we customize in cooperation with you is to create satisfied and effective employees. Employees who stay in the company and deliver high performance after a short amount of time.

    Through everyday questions and cases that involves examples from the workday of the employee, we want to give your organization the best onboarding in the market. MOCH’s online platform is available 24/7 on all devices.

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  • A professional setup

    Learning experts

    We have helped a lot of people with digital onboarding – we can also help you make yours.

    At MOCH we have worked with e-learning for the last 20 years developing courses for Denmark’s biggest private and public organizations. We have created onboarding programs for companies in different industries such as the retail and service industry and the windmill industry. And many are on their way.

    In other words, we know what works when you need to pre- and onboard newly appointed employees.