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When choosing MOCH, you choose e-learning of the highest quality. We are specialized in ESSENS LMS, the leading Learning Management System on the Scandinavian market.

  • Essens


    Many organisations prefer ESSENS LMS for optimising their e-learning and competences. ESSENS LMS is a simple, flexible and effective tool to train, certify and re-certify your employees with e-learning. You get a simple cloud-based solution with a user-friendly and intuitive platform. It works 24/7 on all devices – at home, at the office or on the go. This makes it easy for you to create an effective learning environment for you and your employees that can easily be adapted to your unique needs. In short, ESSENS LMS can help you develop your employees, measure the impact and improve your organization – without wasting time or resources.

  • Essens

    Blended learning

    We provide the opportunity for “Blended Learning”, which is a learning approach that combines online and offline learning experiences. You can also get insight in your organisation’s results through baseline and final evaluations. We also have a unique offering of functions and an unlimited amount of configuration and integration opportunities. It has never been easier to train your employees in handling even the most complex organisational changes or training process – no matter what size of your organisation or industry.

  • Tools & solutions

    Your learning solution

    At MOCH, we make a virtue of using our creative and technological skills to simplify the often complex and confusing communication between a digital learning platform and a company’s need and variying content and learning solutions. We are experts in connecting people in need of knowledge with people who have it – with the goal of creating the best digital learning experiences. We have developed more than 1,200 e-learning solutions since 1999. We would love to help you too!

  • Tools & solutions

    Unlimited configuration possibilities

    MOCH offers you a scaleable and flexible training platform. You can easily customize ESSENS to your organisation and unique needs. When you choose MOCH, you get holistic training that can be adapted in the way you need to each of your target and employee groups.

  • Tools & solutions

    Mobile first

    We always think mobile first. When you choose MOCH, you get a learning platform that can be used on all devices – when and where you employees want to learn. Our user interface is creative, modern and responsive. We can adapt the learning platform in accordance to your brand and identity and implement your visual design (logo, colours, videos, pictures, etc.) to give you a holistic learning experience.

  • Customer success

    ESSENS LMS is the solution for you, whether you are looking for replacing your current learning platform or in the need of a brand new host solution. We are specialised in integrating learning systems in accordance to the needs of companies. So far, we have implemented more than 50 customer solutions for more than 2 million users.

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