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GDPR awareness training can help your employees understand how to handle personal data as well as how to work with the practical implementation in the organization.

E-learning about GDPR

“We have used MOCH’s GDPR-solution at NRGi the last couple of years and we are very satisfied with the e-learning and the respective competition and statistic possibilities. The actual course in itself is structured very nicely both technically, pedagogically and in terms of content. In short: I think it provides good value in our group.

Michael Warrer, CIO at NRGi

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e-learning om GDPR

What Is GDPR?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is developed to protect EU citizens’ private information as well as influence the way in which organisations treat personal data. GDPR have high demands for organizations, all of which have been given a much larger and more complex responsibility – and reminds us of all of the many threats we must take into account whilst managing information and personal data. Because of this, our e-learning course about GDPR is an investment worth making as an organisation.


Why Is GDPR Important?

It is more important than ever for your organisation to have robust procedures protecting personal information. And you are not alone – all Danish corporations and organisations face the same challenge in securing the correct treatment of personal data. You can read more about what fundamental demands and regulations to be aware of whilst handling personal data relating to GDPR, on our site ‘Worth Knowing About GDPR’. 

E-learning om GDPR
E-learning om GDPR

Online GDPR Courses Developed by Specialists

The development of our e-learning about GDPR has taken place in collaboration with lawyers and attorneys from the state’s preferred partners as well as two large international companies that have extensive experience with implementation and GDPR work in practice. Our fundamental introduction to GDPR is thorough and detail-oriented and we take the user’s need of information into account so they do not drown in unnecessary explanations. We play with graphics and language to prevent the heavy legal discourse from challenging the learning experience. We ensure the quality as well as update our course every quarter year so the academic content is always aligned with the latest knowledge, information, and legislation in the field. The course is available in 13 different languages.

The Process is Simple:

The Employees Receive a Log-in for the E-learning

You reach everyone in the organisation at once and the employees can access the e-learning on their mobile phone, tablet, and computer. 

The Employees Receive a Certificate

The e-learning ends with an intelligent test and the employees will receive a certificate by e-mail. Recertification is later possible. 

Keep Track of the Statistics

You can keep track of the number of people who have completed the e-learning, send reminders, and view detailed statistics, e.g. the success rate of the individual questions, in our intelligent compliance platform.

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Fact Sheet

In the e-learning, you will gain knowledge about what personal data is, when treating personal data is allowed, and 8 additional subjects. 

If you want the full overview of the content in our online GDPR course, please feel free to write to us.

We also have e-learning for specific groups of employees, where the GDPR legislation is further explained within the area.

GDPR for Marketing Employees
for HR & executives
GDPR for Trade Union Representatives
GDPR for Editorial Employees

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