E-learning course in GDPR

Still not on top of the GDPR regulation?
MOCH can teach your organisation how to protect your data in accordance to the legislation.

  • GDPR


    GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation is designed to protect EU citizens data privacy and to shape how organisations handle personal data across the region.

    The new regulation from May 2018 puts forward larger demands and more responsibility for companies and organisations in regards to data protection. Moreover, the regulation reminds us all of the many threats, we need to be aware of, when handling information in the workplace.

  • Why GDPR


    We operate in an increasingly regulated world. More than ever, it is a must for your company to have robust procedures in place that protect your clients and their personal data.

    You are not alone – every organisation faces this challenge and needs to ensure that their teams are aware of GDPR and policies.

  • The solution


    Everyday, your employees are frequently confronted with critical choices, risks and possible breaches.

    See how easy you can educate your employees with our GDPR Digital Awareness Training Tool.

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  • Company standards

    An effective tool

    MOCH Digital Awareness Training Tool is accessible to all your employees – when it is most convenient for them. The GDPR Awareness Training tool enables you to track and measure your employees’ participation and learning results.

    Based on our extensive experience with GDPR compliance training, we have designed an awareness tool with highly effective training that provides you with a unique opportunity to protect your company standards within GDPR.

  • Professional set up


    To develop our GDPR Awareness Training Tool close to 1,000 hours of collaboration with lawyers from the government’s preferred contractors, and namely two large, multinational companies was completed. Our basic introduction to the GDPR is meticulous and detail-oriented, and we focus on avoiding drowning you in information by carefully planning the training and only including essential and client-centered information. Quarterly, we quality assure the course so that the content is updated with both new knowledge, procedures and regulations within the compliance-area.


    Customer success

    We are proud of our work and the results we have created.

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