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Did you know that 70-80% of all hacker attacks are caused by human mistakes? Many experts state that having control over the technical aspect is not enough – a focus on human behaviour is also necessary. E-learning about IT security from MOCH creates bigger cyber awareness in your organisation. 

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Why should you use cyber security awareness training?

E-learning about IT security for your employees is efficient because it can help you establish a general focus on the issue through your entire organisation. 

Did you know that 70-80% of all hacker attacks and data security breaches are caused by human mistakes? Your employees are your biggest asset and your weakest link when it comes to IT security. 

Get started right away and educate your employees to arm yourself in the battle against cybercrime and reach good IT security.



E-learning about IT security can help establish a general and widespread safety culture in the organisation. Your employees can be described as ‘the first line of defence’ because they, with the appropriate training, are your information’s safety net. The awareness training is available in more than 5 languages. It is your responsibility to make your employees cyber aware and train them to be conscious whilst managing your information.

It’s not about you being hacked, but about when. So prepare your weapons and arm yourself in the war against cybercrime. You can read more about how you obtain a safer digital workday on

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The development of our e-learning about IT security has taken place in collaboration with experts in the field. Your employees are often unaware of how easy it is to accidentally compromise data and confidential information. That is why the unintended actions of employees are seen as the biggest known cyberthreat by corporate executives and IT managers. The e-learning will create attention around pitfalls and strengthening your employee’s behavioural consciousness. International studies show that the average time it takes to discover a cybercrime attack can be up to 229 days. You can read more about the advantages of you and your employees participating in e-learning about IT security on our blog.

The Process is Simple:

The Employees Receive a Log-in for the E-learning

You reach everyone in the organisation at once and the employees can access the e-learning on their mobile phone, tablet, and computer. 

The Employees Receive a Certificate

The e-learning ends with an intelligent examination and the employees will receive a certificate by e-mail. Recertification is possible after a year. 

Keep Track of the Statistics

You can keep track of the number of people who have completed the e-learning, send reminders, and view detailed statistics, e.g. the success rate of the individual questions, in our intelligent LMS.

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