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Danske Bank was facing the same challenge, as they had to educate their employees in GDPR. They wanted a solution that was interactive, involving and had high professionalism. Their goal was naturally to make their employees remember the rules and comply with them in their daily tasks. Because of this, they allied themselves with MOCH.

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We provided an e-learning solution that met their needs and gave them the opportunity to follow up on their employees’ test results, so they knew where to engage in a dialogue afterwards. We created practice-based cases that the employees could recognize from their everyday life. In the process, our implementation consultant made sure that the set up happened as arranged. To back up the course we have added campaign materials that creates focus on the learning in the organisation. The solution consists of 2nd line support, so the users can contact our support department if needed. 


E-learning about GDPR has been a cost-efficient tool in training Danske Bank’s employees in the rules. Additionally, they can use the e-learning as reference work, if they are ever in doubt about anything. This way of working with compliance is a set-up that many organisations benefit from.

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